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Always fascinating! Thanks for this write up and digestible summary of that HBR article. I REALLY like this idea of the dynamic between CEO + COO. It inspires me to wonder what the role of the CEO should be? How does that role vary? What causes that? And then what role should the COO play? And maybe... with all these variables and questions, what should the anchor be to start with?

I guess, ultimately with human dynamics... it's always in flux and likely always different in each startups unique constellation. The framework you shared above is a great place to start the analysis. Thanks again for that.

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Reading the comments is just as fun as writing the piece, so thank you! πŸ™πŸ½ Regarding tech/product startups, I reckon the dynamic between the CEO and CPO could be an intriguing topic to delve into next. But given the CPO's role is generally more defined than the COO's, it might not stir up as much curiosity. 😊 Still, who knows, it could be fun!

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